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"The speaker was an excellent speaker, and I could have listening to her for at least twice that long."  Fall 2023 Conference
"I enjoyed the career workshop greatly. This workshop was beneficial for entry level to executives in higher education.  Having the opportunity to hear all of the questions asked at the conclusion of the event also gave me great insight to other experiences other women in higher education have encounter. I plan to attend next year!"  Fall 2015 Conference
"Definitely enjoyed the keynote speaker. Enjoyed the history of women in education session, pursuit towards doctoral degree panelists, and pursuit towards administrative positions panelists. Networking across institutions is very important to me. Having the opportunity to meet other professional women in education who are also actively working in doctoral degree programs and administrative positions proved extremely beneficial for me."  Fall 2015 Conference



Welcome to the Oklahoma Women in Higher Education (OKWHE) website. The purpose of this site is to provide easy access to information about this organization and its activities. OKWHE is a volunteer organization of women working in Oklahoma higher education whose goals are to encourage women’s leadership in this state and beyond.

We encourage you to participate in OKWHE activities and support women colleagues aspiring to leadership positions in any area of higher education. We must join together to lift each other as we move through our diverse roles in Oklahoma colleges and universities.

Please join us in this exciting journey!


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